This is an open source solution to convert Code to C#.
We have written at work a big application in and realised that we are better off with C#, because Borland/Codegear's IDE gets less and less stable, and they recently dropped the Winforms support in the designer.
Anyways, it is always good to have the freedom to switch the language...

We have looked at commercial solutions, e.g. NetCoole, but they don't support ifdefs and other things, and add a lot of comments to the code for your own functions, because their converter tries to understand the code.

Our converter is not perfect, and you need to read your code and check for yourself if everything was converted.

At the moment we have not released any files, but you can always access the source code through anonymous CVS from Sourceforge.
There is now also an online version of Delphi2C#: You just paste the content of your pascal file into the form, and one click returns hopefully the converted version in C#.

This project is hosted with Sourceforge.
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